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"Time line: Four months before our wedding, my wife came up with the idea of a wedding dance.
I did not think a dance is a necessary part of the wedding at all… Enter Jacquie… Two months later I thought a second wedding dance would be a good idea. And I became the one who constantly insist we should practice more… Two months later the two wedding dances became the most memorable part of our wedding. Our family and friends are still talking about our dances three months after the wedding. Not only did Jacquie choreograph our wedding dances in a brilliant way, she is also a wonderful teacher who made the learning experience very enjoyable. My wife and I had zero dancing experience before we met Jacquie. Four months later, we were able to dance like we would have never imagined before.
Thank you so much Jacquie! It is all because of you."
"Jacquie is very warm and has a great creative energy. I chose a song for our wedding day First Dance and she choreographed based on our skill set. She also watched how my husband and I interact so she could incorporate our natural body language into the dance routine. Jacquie is very responsive via email and text making it easy to schedule lessons. We were very happy with the fun dance she choreographed for us and it was a big hit with our wedding guests. Thanks so much Jacquie!"
"My fiance and I were originally looking into general dance lessons but decided to have our first dance choreographed instead. We found Jacquie's info online and contacted her about 2 months before the wedding. Within a matter of 6 weeks she was able to teach us a lovely fully choreographed routine that we were comfortable performing. She is serious about teaching her clients technique but also likes to have fun! Most of the choreography was done on the spot. I thought this would be a concern at first, but now I know it worked better because her choreography is based on our comfort level and capabilities. We even incorporated lifts which I was not expecting but totally threw our guests for a loop when we surprised them! I would definitely recommend Jacquie's services to anyone
living in the Hudson County area - you won't be disappointed!"
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