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This Master Teacher/Choreographer is available for work anywhere in the world!! Here's a wonderful recommendation from Archana Chaturvedi one of the many beautiful spirits I have had the pleasure of working with at The Danceworx in New Delhi, India:


"Jacquie is a passionate artist and teacher with high levels of generosity, energy and patience. Truly larger than life in the classroom and otherwise, she is an inspirational human being with more lessons to teach apart from dance. It has been a pleasure to learn from her and interact with her." Thank you Archie :-)

"I am just coming out of my gala haze, but wanted to say how incredible  everything was on Monday night thanks to your very hard work! The choreography was really spectacular and people are still commenting on how diverse it was. I hope you are getting some much-deserved rest! Thank you for all you do help our choristers!"

                                                               --Elizabeth Nunez, Assistant Conductor, The Young People's Chorus of NYC

"You are an amazing choreographer and an exceptional teacher.  I once traveled through a hurricane to take class with you!!" --Ann Mercedes, Tap Legacy Foundation Inc.

"Thank you tremendously for all you did for us for the Gala. Your talents & patience are so valuable to us--& your friendship & collaboration are unmatched!" --Sophia Miller, Associate Conductor, The Young People's Chorus of NYC

"Jacquie was Frank Hatchett's assistant when I first started taking class with him back in the early 80s. It was instant girl crush! Her talent, her amazing technique, and her incredible personality- well I just wanted to BE her! Since I couldn't, I have instead settled for decades of friendship with her! J Bird you are the best and I love you!!" --Cassie Schwartz

"...first of all, you can go but please go to come back. You were a dream come true & you have created a revolution in me. Thanx for changing my thinking about everything..." --Ragini, The Danceworx, New Delhi, India


"...these past seven weeks have been an amazing experience. I have learned so much from you in jazz, modern, & in life. Thank you for all you have done for me." --Tracy Albus, Hope College

"You are not only a teacher but an inspiration to me!! I have seen some of the greatest growth happen in me , in terms of dance and personality , in your classes. You have the gift to lift and thrust your students to the next level , n the next , n the next till they are well on their way to fulfilling their potential to the MAX. U ROCK Big Mama$" --Gursimran Chhatwal (Lil' Mama)


"Steps in the Right Direction" --Sly Scott, Musician

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