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private instruction

"Because of you and the two hours you spent with Shiann, I have to say our results were pretty good. I wanted to tell you that in those two hours, you not only taught Shiann some really good dance moves, you also taught her something else. You taught her how to count the beats of the music, come up with moves that express the lyrics of the song, and how to put the two together.  I also wanted to let you know how much Shiann enjoyed the time she spent with you. Being with a professional choreographer in a private lesson was pretty cool to her. Thank you for being so professional and patient. I am so glad Catherine included you in the choreographers she suggested. I did email her and told her how happy we were with you "

                                                                                                      --Marina Hernandez, Proud Mom

What is it you wish to accomplish?
*Is it your goal to dance with your husband or wife-to-be on the dance floor with more confidence?
*Are you getting married & need some cool choreography for you & your betrothed
and/or wedding party? Click here for WEDDING DANCE
*Are you BORED at the gym, don't wanna see another treadmill or free weight & want a fun & different way to stay/get in shape?
*Are you totally a novice & feel intimidated or ignored in a dance class? Are the steps not broken down to your understanding or not at all, even though you're in a BEGINNER class? Want to unleash your Inner Dancer?
*Are you an Actor that doesn't QUITE understand what the heck a pas de bourree is or where your weight goes?
*Are you a Singer who wants to get your groove on but can't for the life of you find the beat?
*Are you a Dancer wanting to get to the next level & want to work on specifics with one on one instruction?
*Are you a person who just loves to dance & wants to get started?
*Got an audition you need to prepare for?
*Are you a high school student needing choreography for your college audition?
*Do you need to prepare for your Sweet 15 or 16 event & feel oh-so dork-like?
My schedule is flexible to accommodate your busy lives!
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