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I started off training as a Modern Dancer at the age of 15 at John Dewey High School in Brooklyn, NY under the awesome-ly inspiring tutelage of Ms. Jeannie Meizner.
Having the good fortune to work with some of the best continued during my time at City College. I had the opportunity to study with the late greats Thelma Hill for Modern & Walter Raines, Ballet. Exposed to guest artists such as Clay Taliafero, Henry Yu, Buzz Miller, et al. it was instrumental in the foundation of my technique & teaching style.
Continuing on with the great Frank Hatchett, I learned to 'Sell It!' & working with him was the gateway to a Musical Theatre career where I began to study voice with the Mavelously Magnificent Kamal Scott, the Fabulous-ly Fantastic Mary Rodgers, & the Indescribably Immense Mario Sprouse, in addition to taking various acting classes in the city.
I am a Magna Cum Laude graduate from the Leonard Davis Center for the Performing Arts at City College, and I hold a B.F.A in Dance.
JAZZ- Buzz Miller, Lee Theodore, Ronn Pratt, Frank Hatchett
MODERN- Thelma Hill, Marjorie Perces, Dyane Harvey, Ronn Pratt
BALLET- Walter Raines, Nancy Mikota
TAP- Judy Ann Bassing, Ms. Eleanor Harris
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